Tuesday, November 27

nice monday night ride

Greg said he wouldn't be there so I figured a solo ride was in order. Then, Aaron shows up and I'm thinking I'm still riding solo. Then Doug shows and I know I'm riding solo.

We rode together down to the empty parking lot. Kinda expected it with such a nice day Sunday, most people got there ride fix in then. So those two set a compfortable pace and a gap opened up. Didn't want to sweat a lot, just rode hard enough to stay warm.

I was about 5+ minutes from completing a lap when I see lights coming at me. Aaron and Doug are doing a reverse lap. I turn around to ride the south half again before returning to the shop to finish building a bike. Suprisingly, the road dept. was removing dirt for the tennis courts all the time we were riding. The dust clouds were like riding through fog.

Nice ride at my own pace. There is something about the solitude riding solo at night. Things are simplified with the limited stimulus from a lighted tunnel. Street lights sparkling as densley packed stars viewed with a telescope. No noise beating in my ears, just wind and breathing - a spiritual journey.

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RF said...

amen dale. glad you had a good ride.